Fraser McKenna – Golf Instructor and Club Fitter

Welcome to my Website, I’m a Professional Golf Instructor and Clubfitter based at Dullatur Golf Club, 15 mins drive North of Glasgow, Scotland.

I turned Professional in 2013 after an accomplished Amateur career representing Scotland at Home Internationals and playing NCAA Golf at Southeastern Louisiana in the United States. I’ve previously worked as an Assistant at Caldwell Golf Club and as a Club Fitter for Cobra Golf UK before settling at Dullatur in 2022 to focus on Instruction and Club Fitting.

By using cutting edge technologies in the studios at Dullatur, I aim to help golfers of all abilities and ages improve. I believe that gaining a simple understanding of swing changes and equipment set up allows my students to get the most out of their game.

If you would like to book a lesson then please use one of the links below to access my booking system or use the Contact form to get in touch with me directly.




Review an issue that you have and find a fix which you can work on in your own time.

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A more in depth look at your golf swing. The 1 Hr lessons gives us more time to focus on root cause analysis and we can work on drills together.

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60 minutes to focus on pitching, chipping or putting.

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On Course Lessons give us a chance to work on your Course Management. I’ll provide you with insight in how you should approach holes and a strategy that suits your game.




My approach to teaching is to deal with each golfer as an individual. Differences in physical characteristics, abilities, disabilities, dedication to practicing and playing will all affect the potential of a golfer. I like to start each lesson by interacting with my students to make them feel comfortable while learning about their personality and learning style. I want to find out my student’s current level of play and goals to determine what type of lesson schedule should be followed. I will do my part in identifying problems, providing solutions and giving feedback; as the student you must do your part by putting in the time and effort to make the corrections.

I like to ask my students what their goals are, both short term and long term, in order to establish a lesson plan. During lessons I like to give drills that students can do on their own and that give feedback so they understand the goal of the change. I can customize a lesson plan that fits each individual’s needs and schedule.


Both the studios at Dullatur are equipped with Trackman 4, the launch monitor of choice for the top players. It’s highly advanced, incredibly accurate and remarkably easy to use. It’s the go-to for the best.

TrackMan 4 gives you all the data you need, is incredibly intuitive and seriously performance-enhancing. You won’t just improve. You’ll improve faster than you thought possible.

TrackMan 4 captures every detail with astounding precision. That’s club and ball data including impact location. It’s full ball-flight numbers. Normalization for all conditions. With video analysis and data tailored to you. And with no markers required, it’s convenient, quick and seamless. That’s clever.

Using Trackman 4 for both studio and range lessons allows me to give you insight into exactly what the ball and club are doing. You are able to receive feedback immediately and use that feedback to improve your game.


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